In order to ensure that our time together will be a very special moment for both of us...

... respect my boundaries and our time. I am always very affectionate towards REAL gentlemen.

... deposit the amount in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom, labeled 'GIFT', at the very start of our date. If we meeting in public, place it inside a book (which I will read later), a greeting card or a small gift bag given when we met.


... at the moment of our meeting, present yourself in a clean way. If you enjoyed the day at the beach or worked all day, make sure you are not full of sand or smelling smoke. I'll be at my best to satisfy your senses. Reciprocity is so sexy.


... keep the graphic details of our meetings between us. Naughty secrets excite me! Certainly, I'll appreciate your feedback and I'd love to receive a tasteful review of our date to share it on my website.


... please, do not use drugs in our meetings. If you are under influence, our meeting will end immediately.



I only practice safe sex and don't do anal. However, I'm very open to new ideas. Share yours! Provide me the details on your introductory email.

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